Case Conferences – What’s the Purpose?

The Family Law Rules specify the purposes of a Case Conference, which can include the following:

  • exploring the chances of settling the case
  • identifying the issues that are in dispute and those that are not
  • exploring the ways to resolve the issues that are in dispute
  • ensuring disclosure of the relevant evidence
  • identifying issues related to expert evidence
  • noting admissions that may simplify the case
  • setting the date for the next step in the case
  • setting a timetable for steps in a case
  • organizing a Settlement Conference
  • giving directions for any intended motion, including a timetable for exchanging materials

The practicality is that most courts do not have enough time to deal with all issues at a Case Conference or achieve all of these purposes. Having a family law lawyer who knows how to get the most out of a Case Conference can mean the difference between a case that settles early and a case that drags on for years.

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