Separation - Who Should Move Out?
Mediation and Arbitration in Divorces
Establish a Will or Trust to Ensure Your Wishes Will Be Executed
How Public Policy Can Affect A Will
Paternal and Maternal Abandonment
Parental Alienation Syndrome
Parental Responsibility
Marriage Trends
Divorce and Children
Pet Custody
Alimony and Palimony
Financial Separation
Family Violence
Separation Agreements
Child Support
Discipline and the Courts
Parenting Plan (Part 2)
Parenting Plan (Part 1)
Divorce, Separation and Annulments
The Importance of Financial Agreements in relationships
Common Law Separation
Child Custody
Annulment of Marriage
Marriage Separation
Case Conferences - What's the Purpose?
Family Law Statutes Amendment Act, 2009
Changing a Child’s Name
Restraining Orders
Child Custody and Access Applications

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About Us

Our History and Approach

R. Avery Zeidman founded Zeidman Law Offices in the early 1990s to serve clients in the Greater Toronto Area by giving them sound legal advice and aggressive representation. Our dedication to clients comes from our compassion to achieve justice for them.

Our staff is client and child-focused. We have an excellent reputation in family law, empowered by our broad courtroom experience in the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, Brampton and Newmarket. But our brilliant reputation for negotiating and our down-to-earth approach with clients is what most of our clients have come to love.

We have the knowledge and persuasion to negotiate, the strength and experience to litigate, and the wisdom to recognize when each is needed.

Many clients come to us for help with particularly complicated property division, divorce, separation, child custody, access, visitation, child support, and spousal support issues because we are known for telling it like it is. We concentrate first on listening to your situation, paying attention to your concerns, answering your questions, presenting your options, advising what judges would say about the issues, and discussing what a fair settlement position should be.

You don’t need an M.B.A. to work out the numbers in most family cases – but it sure helps! Separation and divorce cases often involve a detailed analysis of income tax returns and financial statements. You need someone who knows how to read between the lines and how to show when the numbers are “lying”.

R. Avery Zeidman, B.B.A., M.B.A., LL.B., is a graduate of Seneca College (1986), York University (1990 & 1991) and Osgoode Hall Law School (1994), where he received various scholarships and prizes, included the coveted Book Prize for highest grades in the faculty. Avery articled at a boutique family law firm in Toronto, and he graduated his articles early because of his extensive prior legal experience.

R. Avery Zeidman is a member in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario. Avery often is asked to participate in events held by the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, the Canadian Bar Association, and the York Region Law Association. Avery is a former director of the Family Lawyers Association (Toronto) and is a former lecturer at Humber College. Avery also has served as a director on the Boards of Directors of private corporations, including holding companies and multinationals.

R. Avery Zeidman is a long-standing resident of York Region and its community. Avery is married with two children and counting.

Why Choose Us?

Separation and divorce are stressful and can be traumatic. You need a lawyer who can give you honest advice, a clear direction, and cost-effective solutions. Throughout your case, you and your Zeidman family lawyer will determine the best way to proceed, whether through negotiating a settlement, going to court, or using an alternative dispute resolution mechanism like mediation or arbitration.

Why choose us?

Results. You want a law firm like us with an enviable record in winning court cases and negotiating settlements for family law clients.

Client Focus. You would like someone to listen to you, answer your questions, and give you options. You want sound legal advice from a lawyer who is compassionate to your situation.

Free Consultation. You want an initial consultation at no charge and with no obligation to hire the lawyer beyond that.

Communication. You want a lawyer who returns calls the same day, keeps you fully informed of all communications sent and received for you, and who gives you copies of every document and letter related to your case.

Reasonable Fees. You want very competitive fees and reduced fees or block fees for various parts of your case. You want bills detailing all charges and showing applicable discounts.

Support. Divorce doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You want a law form that helps with estate planning (wills), real estate and other legal issues. We can refer you to other professionals (like financial planners, insurance brokers, etc.) as requested.

Payment Options. You want a law firm that accepts various credit cards and that offers payment plans to qualifying clients.

Frankness. You want a lawyer who says it like it is and not just what you want to hear so that you can make informed and proper decisions about your case.

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Thank you so much for taking my case. When I first came to you, I was in such a deep hole I thought I would never get out. Other lawyers refused to take my case, but you agreed to step in and got me an order for support when others said it wasn't possible. I was beyond shocked when you were able to get me the settlement within a few months that I had been after for years. I can't thank you enough for all your great work.— Thornhill, Ontario
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